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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Design/Build construction?

Burdco provides development services with single-source responsibility to clients who are looking to move forward on a building project. Design concepts and a rough budget are provided to assist in making smart development decisions. Burdco works directly with the client throughout all phases of the project, resulting in a streamlined process, less risk and controlled construction costs.

What level of involvement will I have in the process?

Pre-construction planning is the priority phase for client involvement. However, optimum client involvement and communication across all project phases is crucial for project success.

What types of projects do you specialize in?

Burdco’s team of tradespeople specializes in Medical, Commercial, Industrial, and Assisted Living buildings.

Can I see examples of your previous projects?

Sure! Click here to view some of Burdco’s featured projects.

How is communication managed throughout the project?

A point-of-contact person is established by the client early in the process. Burdco informs this designated contact with outlines/schedules of required tasks and milestones for each phase of Project Development. Appropriate phone, text, email, or in-person communication is utilized to build enthusiasm and create momentum throughout the entire Design/Build process.

Do you provide architectural design services in-house?

Burdco provides some design services in-house, and we also work with local architects throughout the region.

What are the advantages of choosing to Design/Build over traditional construction methods?

Burdco’s turnkey development and construction approach results in increased efficiencies for the client. This strategy eliminates the otherwise common issue of “finger pointing,” which occurs in other construction delivery methods. Design/Build delivery provides the client with more accurate information on the cost implications of design early in the development project, when decisions have the most impact on the final cost.

Can I request changes once the construction phase has started?

Yes, a client can make changes once construction has started. However, Burdco employs a dynamic design and pre-construction process that is focused on minimizing required changes once the construction begins.

How do you handle project budgeting and cost control during the process?

Our Burdco team works with the client from the get-go to establish a budget that fits their financial parameters. We provide lump-sum pricing which ensures a fixed cost that you can rely on.

How do you handle unforeseen issues or changes during construction?

First off, Burdco is committed to addressing all known issues early in the project timeline, which frees up resources to handle unforeseen issues during construction. We then apply a team approach to unforeseen problems or opportunities that might occur throughout the project.

What sets your approach apart from other construction companies?

Targeted up-front Development Services and an award-winning Design/Build program distinguishes Burdco in Northern Michigan.